The Green Cotton Concept

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Firstmovers since 1983

Our award willing Green Cotton Trademark originates way back to the 80’s, to Leif Nørgaard, a visionary, Danish textile manufacturer with a big heart for the environment. Leif teamed up with other experts in the Danish textile industry to create the company Novotex A/S and together, they were the first company in the world to introduce certified organic cotton clothing as a viable choice for consumers.

We launched our now iconic Katharine Hamnett designed ‘Green Cotton Now’ certified organic t-shirt in 1991.

"Care for our fragile environment and the people who make our clothes, remain paramount to Green Cotton"

How we did it

Own internationally certified cotton production

100 % certified organic cotton had been grown by applying modern science at a sophisticated level to ensure the natural balance during production, without adding chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Having our own, internationally certified cotton production had ensured this ecological development. Gently washed with brownsoap, combined with a special mechanical finishing treatment, had preserved the natural characteristics of the cotton.

Green Cotton today

We continued to seek higher quality and sustainability

Keeping the present position as an innovative manufacturer of fashion textiles, we continued to seek higher quality and sustainability in activities actuated by us.

This effort applies for the whole life cycle of the product; from cradle to grave.

Considering customer demands, given circumstances and the sustainable principle, we will always attempt to:

  • Avoid unnecessary use of resources
  • Obtain the best supplier competencies
  • Reduce pollution to a minimum
  • Enhance employees’ competencies
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Strive to achieve the best possible human well-being for our employees


We have received numerous awards

Green Cotton has received numerous awards for the commitment to protecting the Earth and for the sustainable leadership in the Textile Industry.

Here are a few:


Green Cotton Group timeline

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The Green Cotton concept

Green Cotton since 1986

We are happy to be celebrating more than 30 years with the Green Cotton concept. Green Cotton, since 1986, is about:

  • Avoiding unnecessary use of resources
  • Obtaining the best supplier competencies
  • Reducing pollution to a minimum
  • Enhancing employees’ competencies
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Striving to achieve the best possible human well-being for our employees

Our dedication

The Green Cotton Group values

We are dedicated to use our courage and knowledge to design and manufacture high quality sustainable textiles, believing that our care for people, planet and prosperity will contribute to preserve our world for the next generations to come.


We dare to combine our passion with sound business acumen


We strive for sustainable innovation founded in pioneering traditions


We believe in growth built on trust and integrity amongst colleagues and partners


We treasure respect, presence and diversity between people and in nature

In the Green Cotton Group we want to be known for manufacturing eco-friendly textiles as environmentally friendly as possible and we do this by being honest, trustworthy and using the most sustainable and caring manufacturing methods in every production unit to preserve our fragile environment and to keep it as fit as possible for the next generations to come.

Our value chain as illustrated above is what we live by in the Green Cotton Group – not only in a commercial sense, but in everything we do. Being part of the Green Cotton Group you can rest assured that you are a valued asset to our company, treated with decency and respect – irrespective of sex and cultural background. Vice versa the Green Cotton Group expects that you assume full responsibility for your own job function; that you care for and feel responsible for also the colleague next in line – and in the end, our mutual working place – the Green Cotton Group.

The simple recipe of getting so far has been dedicated and hard work as well as the strong belief that ‘together we can make a difference’. In the Green Cotton Group, we believe in the power of cooperation and we adhere to the simple and yet powerful working ethic:

"Caring for people, planet & prosperity"

In everything we do, we ask ourselves the question: ‘by doing this – do we then care for people/planet and/or prosperity?’

If the answer is NO, then it is common sense and obvious to all of us – that we don’t do it!

In the Green Cotton Group, we strive to constantly improve our performance and excel in our professionalism to comply with the wishes and demands of our customers as well as our own working ethic. We achieve this by working in a structured manner based on documenting everything we do and do not do – and by complying with the rules and regulations of the various certifications that we adhere to either imposed on us by ourselves or by our customers. To continuously be successful is a mutual responsibility and it requires that we all – from ceiling to floor – feel and take ownership for this responsibility.

Our value chain has led to the formulation of our philosophy ‘Caring for People, Planet & Prosperity’ by which we live in the Green Cotton Group – not only in a commercial sense, but in everything we do.

We strive to deliver the product which the market demands, carefully considering and conscious about the characteristics of raw materials and best available technology ensuring that the effect on employees and environment is as minimal as possible.

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